31 Mar

31 Mar

Just so we know, I don’t even recall the conversations I had past 11.20pm last night. I truly don’t.

26 March

26 Mar

sick. my joints are swollen and my bones ache. i have a low grade fever and i feel like shit.
really doesn’t help that I’m suffering from indigestion and diarrhoea. :( what a shitty weekend, all pun intended.

22 Mar 2016

22 Mar

I think I’m PMS-ing. I wanted to send out this super aggro bitchy email but then I realised it wasn’t worth my frustration.

I’m still annoyed I couldn’t send it out though. ugh.


19 Mar


14 March 2016

14 Mar

It’s mid-March already????? 😑
I’m reading on the bus and I have this sudden thought that I am in actual need of new underwear. I might have spent unwisely this last weekend, it seems. But, I needed new shoes (2 pairs for $200), and a new pillow ($60). and ok, that $200 dinner was uncalled for but it was a nice spend, with nit, you know?
and technically I just spent another $400 getting tickets and a hotel in Bali. plus, driving school deposits. That was another $220.

Damn. That’ll mean I’ve blown how much? Over $1k in a week. D: holy sheet. ok, eating cheap these next month. siggggh. driving classes aren’t gonna be cheap either.

And my cupboard needs replacing, and ugh god, I need a wardrobe refresh. Pretty sure I could make do with what I have till June, clothes aren’t a required spend right now. Underwear is, though.

Right. Just because I’ve justified the use of my money, doesn’t necessarily make me any happier about having to waste it just so. Thank goodness it’s already mid-March. 2 weeks to pay day. hahahaha!

ok, gotta go study. ciao.



5 Mar

4 march

4 Mar

I think I really overdid it with the physio exercises last night. So much so I downsized my bag to a tiny one with no more than my wallet and some pills should I need them later at work to tide me over. I think I need to wake up earlier in the mornings to get my exercise in. I’m supposed to be doing them 3x a day (which means 21x a week) but I’ve only done it like 4 times this week. Not so good. :(

Hmmmmm…. anyway, it’ll be a busy day today and tomorrow!  :) 
I’m looking forward to tomorrow: doctor appointment, registering for driving school and then going out with Audree! Not that she’ll be my new best friend but we stay quite close by to each other so it makes for travelling abit more fun. Like either way if she’s in hougang or punggol, it’d be easy for me to travel around. :D
Talking about driving school, once I’m done with that, I’ll take a bike license so it’ll be easier for me to get from home and work.

Oh, and I guess my trip to Oslo is off the list now that M has decided he’s now too busy for me. Oh well. Guess I’ll be moving on soon then. Whatever. I’ll go holidaying at a beach with Nit and Wenda instead. And holiday some more with Cherie in July. Maybe I’ll go to Hongkong again, visit Tanny if she’s still there.

ahhhhh whatever. i give up. gonna stop thinking and get to work.